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Geocaching, where you use your phone or gps on a modernday treasure hunt, is a fun. Groundspeak will have a send to gps plugin on the site or magellans vantage point can be used to do the transfer. This file type is available to both premium and basic members. All of our software is available in a free version, with added features that become enabled should.

Registering your device at you can register your device at. View geocache web page command learn how using easygps. Geocaching getting started with geocaching geocache types. Mysterypuzzle caches often become the staging ground for new and unique geocaches that do not fit in another category. Quite a few people who have heard of geocaching are entirely enthralled and romanticized by the idea, but are turned off because it seems a little frivolous to buy a handheld gps just to find mostly useless hidden treasure. The app shows your current location connected to the treasure by a dotted line with directional arrows and distance measured in feet. The key is to get a device that is reliable, has the functionality you need, and fits your budget. Description attributes, type, size, difficulty, terrain public additional waypoints such as parking coordinates. The description tab shows the offline description of a cache.

Gpsmap 64st stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means theres no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts. This magellan gps is fully supported in expertgps geocaching software. This video will walk you through the steps of adding geocache points onto your magellan gps device. Download software for htc touch diamond pro hd2 fuze tilt, samsung and other smartphones. You can also with the compass page, by pressing the 3 bars displayed on screen change the dashboard of this main compass to the geocaching display. Internet, backup and social applications together with financial, weather, mapping and gps navigation software absolutely free for your windows phone. Geocaching gpx viewer is web app to display your geocaches or tracks from a gpx file. For those who dont know, geocaching is an entertaining adventure game. Some people use a swiss army knife to geocache, we just use a mac. This tutorial will take you through a few of the options available, how to upload them to your garmin gps and you can make them better. Print studio 2e barcode software provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools such as shapes, rich text, layers and blending, and more. Geocaching is a treasure hunting activity in which players hide or search for hidden caches using clues and gps coordinates.

Geocache manager is an intuitive geocache management and planning tool. Some of the major manufacturers of gps devices are garmin and magellan, so you are likely going to see a lot of them on the market. The geocache calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher. You can also insert solved coordinates, unfavorite caches and add a note. See more ideas about geocaching, bike mount and geocaching containers. Heres a starter list of the acronyms used by geocachers.

The view geocache web page command shows all of the information about a geocache, including a list of recent logs by geocachers who have visited the geocache, in the builtin web browser in easygps. Quickly connect to garmin or magellan gps units serial or usb cachemaps. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and treasure, usually toys or trinkets of little value. A full featured cache manager for mac with support for paperless caching, using just a mac. The unique geocache navigator application enables a diverse group of geocachers including enthusiasts, firsttime users and families to embark on an outdoor hide and seek adventure with the convenience, security and costeffectiveness of their gpsenabled mobile phones. Once you find the geocache, sign and date the logbook.

Send only the caches you want to your gps receiver. Gisteren nog een route gelopen in een zeer bekend gebied waar weer net een verrassend. Afterward, you can log your comments right from the field. A handheld gps units connects to gnss global navigation satellite.

Garmin launches december 7, 2010 geocaching is a hightech treasure hunt where participants of all ages explore the outdoors, hiding and finding containers of various shapes and sizes that are filled with collectables, trinkets and logbooks for signing in and letting fellow cachers know you were there. All of our software is available in a free version, with added features that become enabled should you decide to register your copy. It contains different functions to calculate values and checksums, as well as tables and overviews for supporting your outdoor geocaching search. Examples include your nearest unfound caches, your local orgs site, or the offtopic forum.

How can i get geocaches onto magellan explorist gc. Print studio 2e barcode software is a complete software solution for all your labeling and printing needs for all sort of barcode label. Mar 11, 2018 those extra things that help geocachers in their trade, be they a bike mount, utility belt, or something else. When you enter a name, a cookie is stored on your computer. Dan foster, author of expertgps, and jeremy irish, founder of, worked together to create the. Ive tried using the new premium member feature which allows you to download a list at a click of a button. Connect to a wireless network connecting to a wireless network or the garmin connect app pairing your smartphone. Within the geocache information page you will see a box send to my gps click on this to send the geocache to your device.

Whether you are looking for addressing label software, shipping label software, barcode software, or. Garmin etrex 30x, handheld gps navigator with 3axis compass, enhanced memory and resolution, 2. Handheld gps device exclusively for geocaching explorist gc. Maps for your garmin gps there are many commercial mapping products on the market, but did you know that there are also a number of free, and legal, maps available for you to download. Important please restart the free version to fully remove all ads from the main screen. The web tab shows the geocaching webpage for the cache. Maps for your garmin gps geocaching nsw incorporated. Create an account online or through the geocaching app to view a map of geocaches near you. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a gps to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. Download geocaches to your garmin gps gps training. But thanks to the advent of a couple of new technologies, there are a variety of. You can then enter one or more urls, and everytime you come back here, your own personal, custom links will be shown. The infotab gives a clear overview off all the properties of a geocache.

Its a whole different ballgame, with lots of things to consider. Ulttimately, a pocket query from loaded to the device will show up as geocaches on the screens. As you get closer, keeping an eye on the arrows and feet left tell you whether youve passed the mark. Here you can find useful geocaching software programs created for the caching community. A send to gps box will appear, if your device is not shown click on the find device box and also make sure that you have not. Place the geocache back where you found it and log your experience online.

Whilst you are navigating to a geocache if you go to the main menu and select geocaching extra information will be displayed about the geocache and you can. Feel free to join the beta for the actual app as well. In the cache solver you can enter corrected coordinates and add personal notes to geocache and submit them to. Tijdens cacheevenementen events komen geocachers samen om bijvoorbeeld te discussieren over het geocachen. Gcsoft geocaching software by a geocacher for geocachers. Geocaching is an outdoor treasurehunting game in which the participants geocachers use a global positioning system gps receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers called geocaches or caches anywhere in the world. Any gps will be useful in geocaching, but some are better than others.

The following magellan gps receivers are supported in expertgps. You can take photos for a geocache or a particular stage, like the instructions written on a stage of a multi. List of supported magellan gps receivers for expertgps. Free windows mobile apps more than 4500 free windows mobile games, apps and themes.

While hunting down wild geocaches is fun, at some point you may want to create and hide your own geocache. See more ideas about geocaching, custom coins and geocaching containers. Dec 07, 2011 this video will walk you through the steps of adding geocache points onto your magellan gps device. Expertgps and geocaching have a long history together, dating back to origins of the game.

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