Ultra harmonizer plugin for mac

H3000 factory harmonizer virtual process plugin vst au aax mac pc. Eventide has announced blackhole and h3000 factory ultra harmonizer, two new native effect plug ins for windows and mac. Take a monophonic audio or midi part, automatically detect what key its in, and generate up to three harmonies to go with it, based on the detected key and scale. Dongless reverb plug in debuts for special intro price through october 17. Classic eventide reverb effect capable of producing huge spaces and outofthisworld soundscapes. Its since also become a particular cult favourite secret weapon amongst electronic dance music producers, due in part to the range and depth of the effects, but also the tonality and smoothness of eventides innovative, signature. Eventide h3000 factory ultraharmonizer plugin sweetwater. Eventides ultrahamonizer native effect plugin for pc and mac.

The h3000 factory ultra harmonizer native plug in is a. The h910 harmonizer was the worlds first digital effects processor. Eventide announces new ultrareverb plugin, available now. Eventide h3000 factory native ultraharmonizer audio.

Add to compareadd to cartadd to wishlistquick shop. H3000 factory, h3000 factory plugin, buy h3000 factory. With factory presets including essential classic setups, ultrapitch is great for thick stereo chorusing, doubling, parallel harmonies, vocal slap and spread effects, and much more. Vat after phenomenal success of our 100 vocal channel strips for logic x we are super exited to. Pitch and formant manipulation plugin macpc aax, as, vst, au. When you need to transpose, harmonize, modulate, and transform your sound, ultrapitch is the answer. Eventide has released the h3000 factory ultraharmonizer plugin for mac os x and windows in aax, vst, and au plugin. Eventide h3000 factory native ultraharmonizer audio software plugin new. The h3000 factory ultraharmonizer native plugin is a recreation of several algorithms from the h3000 that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a new modular interface for aax, au and vst. Eventide h3000 factory ultraharmonizer plugin for pc and mac. H3000 factory eventide legendary harmonizer plugin. Audio plugins for all operating systems windows, mac os x, linux, ios and android, tagged as harmonizer.

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