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Ive gathered 20 professional annual report designs to serve as inspiration. The numbers scattered throughout this annual report are based on roll reports of more than 5,000 program participants and more than 8,000 of their. This annual report design includes a visually stunning cover with an elegant blackonblack design, as well as tangram designs. Flip pdf invariably be the good choice to design an elegant annual report. Here are 50 annual report design examples that are brilliant, bold, and inspiring visual masterpieces. Annual reports are evolving to become a comprehensive marketing tool that celebrates the culture and successes of an organisation. They are much more than a set of financial figures with some statutory reports, so it is increasingly important that the design and structure of your companys annual report reflects the personality and vision of your brand. Our purpose 07 it has been my pleasure to serve as the chair of creative partnerships australia this year as it seeks to foster a culture of giving in the arts. Whether youre creating an annual report, sales report, survey results report, or whitepaper, you can create a professionalquality report for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. Revenue year to 31 march adjusted profit before tax year to 31 march adjusted diluted eps is stated before adjusting items. Generate a pdf file from various sources, and edit the file. Best nonprofit annual reports 2019 your annual report is an opportunity to showcase the impact your donors have made on the lives of the people you serve. Utilizing all the available research and reporting materials will.

Feb 17, 2016 graphic design inspiration, related to annual report design. Best examples of nonprofit annual reports for 2019. Best nonprofit annual reports 2019 nonprofit donor. Using fsc certified paper for minimal print runs, and a pdf version this annual. Your definite inspiration guide into designing your next annual report. Ctr values the distinctive viewpoints of cultural producers, maintaining a nearly equal split of male and female contributors. This work is licensed under a creative commons attribution 4.

Adobe systems incorporated operates as a diversified software company in the americas, europe, the middle east, africa, and asia. Annual reports may sound boring, but they dont have to be. With an appealing design, annual reports can be a powerful promotional tool by drumming up enthusiasm for your company or organization. Annual reports creative brochure templates creative market. Creativetime annual report 20 11 programs creative time reports creative time reports is a free, multimedia news site that publishes the provocative perspectives of artists on current affairs. Annual report template is professional, fresh and clean indesign template. An annual report is an indepth, comprehensive report that provides an overview of a businesss achievements and key metrics from the preceding year. Digital annual report design, make creative annual report wth. Annual report center for creative leadership learn more. Each chapter is represented by an illustration of a tangram.

Especially if your annual report design is done by a professional. Its especially welldesigned for making corporate annual reports. Regardless of when your companys fiscal year ends, you probably want to start thinking about the dreaded annual report today. The purpose of an annual report is to tell your organizations story and communicate the past years accomplishments. Dec 15, 2019 annual reports are evolving to become a comprehensive marketing tool that celebrates the culture and successes of an organisation. According to savage brands, electroniconline annual report budgets increased 30% over 2010, and online tracking of annual reports has increased 60% between 2008 and 2012. Fortunately, you dont need to be a graphic designer to create a compelling annual report design that will impress your stakeholders. The best way to improve your skills is to learn from others. Rebecca teaff over the years, annual reports have evolved. Annual report 20162017 center for creative leadership. Visit the website and download the completepdf annual report. Discover hundreds of the best annual report design pdf templates on envato elements, with a great offer. While we can all agree that reports arent exactly the most interesting thing in the world, there are many ways to develop a creative and engaging narrative for readers to feel a bit. Dunis target is an average annual organic growth in sales in.

Whether youre a private company or a public organization, annual reports play a key role in building brand accountability and providing transparency for shareholders, customers, and donors to stay informed. Ive scoured the web for the best examples of charity annual reports so you can have guides and examples to inspire you as you design your own nonprofit annual report. Annual report of the ngo green home for year 2010 1 page brief description of the organization on 14th february 2000, ngo green home was founded by graduated students of biology science, as a nongovernmental, nonprofit and non political organization1. Creating your own custom reports is easy for people of all skill level using venngages online report maker. The data visualizations are designed on everyday props, such as graduated cylinders, pulledout dresser drawers, and circular dining tables, giving the data a creative twist. The annual report from combines a lot of the elements we love from the reports above. The center for creative leadership ccl is keenly committed to delivering results that matter through leadership solutions that are customized to clients needs. Design engaging reports with venngages report maker. Formatting an annual report templates can be a stressful and timeconsuming endeavor. Fun colors to keep the reader engaged, interactiveness, and a sticky table of contents that follows the reader as they scroll down the page.

Each page features unique layouts with strong, contemporary typography. For warby parker, an upandcoming brand in the eyeglass world, its two annual reports have made them more than look good, theyve told stories that. Learn how to create a business report in just two steps. The most common annual report design is a simple pdf, with a generic collection of numbers and. Our 20162017 annual report describes our brand promise to clients and how we deliver that promise it gives you a snapshot of how ccl is helping clients to grow by accelerating their leadership performance, our knowledge and. How to create a pdf report using acrobat pro adobe. It is at this stage that pite creative begins developing an interactive online version derivative of the printed annual report. Annual report 201617 pdf burberry corporate website. Here are four great examples of interactive annual reports. Annual audit report for creative scotland and creative scotland national lottery distribution fund 201617 download the annual audit report, in pdf format. The first twelve months pdf report to stakeholders, mayaugust, 2018 pdf annual report on form 990, 2017 pdf report to stakeholders, januaryapril, 2018 pdf 2017.

Design website design carrie cousins january 27, 2014 6 minutes read. Dec 12, 20 if warby parkers delightfully twee annual report was a person, itd be zooey deschanel, thats how time described the eyeglass companys 2012 yearend literature. Here were going to share with you 20 annual report designs which will make your imagination run wild. Digital annual report design, make creative annual report. See more ideas about annual report layout, report layout and annual report design. A unique element to this report that we dont see very often. In making a handover report or a project report, readymade sheet templates and cover page templates will come in handy. To reduce your stress, you can rely on our annual report template designs, which you could download for free, edit, and distribute however you like. Browse our library of over 500 templates and customize your reports using our freeform canvas. As a nonprofit organization, creative bc produces an annual activity report. It is for designers working on proposal or based on the projects. The board is appreciative of his efforts to partner with him on the execution of our growth plans.

The usual company annual report is a wordfilled extravaganza of jargon. Its great for making creative business annual reports. Mar 12, 2019 annual reports frequently come across as corporate and robotic in their nature due to the regulations and traditional mindset of reporting. While annual reports are often seen as a design drag, there are plenty of ways to turn this report into a. However, your employees can act as a powerful device for cutting through the corporate requirement by showcasing the people who make your business move. This report is a great example of combining photography and data visualization.

Your nonprofit annual report should be focused on your donors and tell stories of impact. However, throughout the changes, they still remain an extremely valuable tool to communicate with donors, volunteers and potential funders. The beauty of an annual report depends on the design. Its available in 34 pages both a4 and us letter sizes. Incorporating cuttingedge digital features has the potential to take a stodgy financial report to a whole new level. These annual reports use bold colors, creative typography and vivid. Annual reports are a medium with the potential to beautifully marry business communication with simple, clear design. It is for designers working on annual reports or based on the projects. Exhibiting that data in the most ideal bundle is essential, yet many brands dont organize their annual report design, which is a disgrace.

Having a reliable set of tools will quicken the task at hand. Depending on the project parameters, this may be as simple as an interactive pdf or flipbook for the companys website and email dissemination to a fullfledged micro site with enhanced non material information. Feb 14, 2020 annual reports may sound boring, but they dont have to be. A valuable piece of content goes a long way, and an annual report has the potential to be just that. Annual reports are something of a staple for graphic designers, and theyve gained a bit of a reputation as the kind of project that pays the bills and paves the way for more exciting work.

Acrobat the complete pdf solution for working anywhere. Annual reports frequently come across as corporate and robotic in their nature due to the regulations and traditional mindset of reporting. Annual report design inspiration publications thirst creative. Furthermore, flip pdf has thousands of templates and themes for users option, users also can upload their own favored pictures to the software, regarding as custommade background. Annual reports that double as standout content marketing. Click the button below to request a report when hardcopies become available.

Its got plenty of white space and a breathable layout, while packing in plenty of advanced presentation options. These reports provide evidence for the value of leadership development and help our clients communicate with their stakeholders the impact of their investment in leadership development. The best online annual reports of 2017 enginess insights. With creative ideas and the right talent, nothing is impossible. The new annual report the initial idea came because one of our designers, jarrett fuller, creates a personal annual report in the form of an infographic every year.

It offers a line of creative, business, web, and mobile software and services used by creative professionals, knowledge workers, developers, marketers, enterprises, and consumers. Annual reports template is professional, fresh and clean indesign template. A donors story will have an impact on the audience of your annual report. This is what happens when you turn a report into art. By using big fonts and creative visuals like word clouds and charts, they are able to bring that key information forward. Annual report of the ngo green home for year 2010 1 page brief description of the organization on 14th february 2000, ngo green home was founded by graduated students of biology science, as a nongovernmental, nonprofit and non political organization1 education and capacity building.

Now that 20 is in the books, many companies are releasing annual data reports. Graphics, typography, color and texture come together to create an attractive useful report. That rich legacy continues to drive our passion for creative thinking and big ideas to advance care and deliver better outcomes. Both combine to make the report feel contemporary and sleek. How to design a killer annual report top digital agency. Footage of austria solars 2011 annual report has been viewed more than 200,000 times across youtube, vimeo, and beyond.

Our 20162017 annual report describes our brand promise to clients and how we deliver that promise. Crbcs activity report presents information on the key achievements reached during the period, program activities and the corresponding resources used as well as a report on performance which summarizes the goals and objectives established and how they were met over the fiscal year. Additionally, the consolidation of the annual report is also a tedious process. With that in mind, we have a tradition of showing off some of the best online annual reports. These annual reports use bold colors, creative typography and vivid sheets and diagrams to showcase the data. Annual reports annual reports design creative annual. Creating reports is no longer a daunting and timeconsuming task.

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