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While some claim that reorganization, internal reforms, and. Identify intelligence and security anomalies understand counterintelligence awareness and reporting requirements objectives at the conclusion of this briefing, you will be able to. The paper deals with spatial resolution of aerial and satellite imagery and its influence on the process of image interpretation in imagery intelligence, referred to as imint. Imagery intelligence definition of imagery intelligence. Intelligence derived from the exploitation of collection by visual photography, infrared sensors, lasers, electrooptics, and. Imagery is visible intelligence a geographic rosetta stone.

Imagery is visible intelligence the arcgis imagery book. The literature search led to the development of an assessment test measuring twenty. Global command and control system integrated imagery and intelligence gccsi3 is a joint program that is designed to enhance the operational commanders. Army geospatial intelligence handbook august 26, 2016. Apply to intelligence analyst, analyst, intelligence specialist and more. Imagery intelligence or imint is a valued and often essential element of the entire intelligence. Dtic jul i101980 human factors technical area, ari office of deputy chief of staffsystems, inscom preparbd for s army research institute us army intelligence. The geospatial intelligence imagery analyst is responsible for analyzing overhead and aerial imagery developed by photographic and electronic means. It was not until world war two that the need for imagery outweighed the resources able to get it. A career in the us army as a geospatial intelligence imagery analyst 35g. Remotely sensed earth observationgenerally referred to in gis circles simply as imageryis the definitive visual reference at the heart of gis. Imagery intelligence imint also pronounced as imint is an intelligence gathering discipline which collects information via satellite and aerial photography imint is a subset of intelligence collection management which is a subset of intelligence cycle management.

Chapter 2 lists the intelligence attalion core mets. They use photogrammetric skills to assist the commander in accurate target acquisition and perform reconnaissance intelligence derived by the imagery analyst is used in updating military intelligence databases at. Ada086455 kl imagery intelligence imint production model christine a. Geoint productimagery and imint and geospatial information.

Training and onthejob instruction, including practice in intelligence gathering. Taught by an instructor at the military intelligence training academy it was titled introduction to. Government including, all branches, departments, agencies, and offices. Use the arrows to navigate through the sites 42 photos. Selected joint and army terms and definitions appear in both the glossary and the text.

Imagery intelligence is the technical, geographic, and intelligence information derived through the interpretation or analysis of imagery and collateral materials 10 usc 467. Nato unclassified geospatial intelligence standards. Jp 203, geospatial intelligence in joint operations. Army policy directives and doctrinal documents pertaining to intelligence. Replaces appendix d, sample appendix 7 imagery intelligence to. Fm 20 is the armys keystone manual for military intelligence mi doctrine. Intelligence interrogation falls agents or suspected agents. Dia is a primary coordinator of several depart mental imagery programs and. It provides the key, the geographic rosetta stone, that unlocks the mysteries of how the planet operates and brings it to life. Guide to imagery intelligence from afios the intelligencer. Imint is intelligence derived from the exploitation of imagery collected by visual photography, infrared, lasers, multispectral sensors, and radar.

Imagery intelligence the cornerstone espionagecounterespionage intl 412 imagery intelligence imint was born out of necessity of war. Intelligence department resources intel formal training. Select your five favorite images from the collection and explain why each is. National geospatialintelligence agency commercial remote. Though they make collaboration difficult, stovepipes serve a number of essential purposes. The primary target audience of this publication is intelligence personnel responsible for planning and execution of imagery intelligence operations. Numbered fleet mocmioc, float a carriers, amphibious, andexpeditionary staff s provide keen insight into intelligence planning, management, and the execution of intelligence operations afloat. A picture is worth wordsand this is no exception for intelligence collection. Intelligence command and control c2 supports the employment of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition resources and the timely planning and. Field manual 3452 headquarters department of the anny washington.

Imagery intelligence imint refers to the information collected from photographs and imagery. Sources of intelligence fall into three major categories. Radio frequency communications principles navedtra 14189 ww. The aim of this onemonth course is to provide foundation training for the analysis of imagery in areas related to defence and security. Imint is complemented by nonimaging masint electrooptical and radar sensors. The course is designed for attendees with little or no background in imagery analysis and.

It provides the key, the geographic rosetta stone, that unlocks the mysteries of how the planet operates and brings them. Espionage and intelligence gathering university of warwick. The us nsa, nga, nro, and nao, the australian dsd and digo, the successor organisation of fapsi in russia, the british gchq and the. Intelligence department resources intel formal training mos descriptions. Images are used as a vital source of intelligence collection. The human era of gis begins little more than a decade ago, seemingly the whole world snapped awake to the power of imagery of the earth from above. Geospatial intelligence geoint is defined in title 10, united states code, section 467, as the. The intelligence cycle is the essential tradecraft intelligence analysts need to learn and master, to be effective in turning everyday information into relevant and actionable intelligence. Manual models are created similarly to flythroughs or by extracting manmade features. Easily access content such as global elevation data.

Regardless of type, images are interpreted analyzed by trained imagery experts to yield useful intelligence data. Each layer holds characteristics that may be of interest to end users. Our opensource library houses the thousands of documents, periodicals, maps and reports released to the public. Authorizes the defense intelligence components to collect, retain, and disseminate information concerning u. Government agencies and their contractors only because it requires protection in accordance with ar 3805 and as specified.

Appendix f provides the format and instructions for completing. Removes imagery intelligence as a separate intelligence discipline. Army da administrative publications and forms by the army publishing directorate apd. Find out inside pcmags comprehensive tech and computerrelated encyclopedia. Introduction to imagery intelligence imint image 1 of 2 airfield installations. Layers contain features of the map such as streets, parks, postal districts, cities, radio towers, rivers and so on. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view u. Imagery intelligence details doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures for the conduct of imagery intelligence operations in support of the marine airground task force magtf. Geoint consists of imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information. These are the stovepipes that intelligence professionals know well.

D first published in 1974 by the quebec center for psychosynthesis inc. Pdf the general reason for imagery collection is to examine or to interpret the images for the purpose of identifying objects and judging their. A psychosynthesis approach history and manual for practitioners by martha crampton, ph. World imagery provides global highresolution imagery to augment your own collections. The marine corps director of intelligence is the commandants principal intelligence staff officer and the functional manager for intelligence, counterintelligence, and cryptologic matters. Terms for which adrp 20 is the proponent publication the authority are marked with. Such entities include imagery, signals and cryptology intelligence agencies. Click the link to the earth as art link in the imagery is beautiful section of the first chapter of the arcgis imagery book. Stanag 7023 air reconnaissance imagery data architecture stanag 7024 imagery air reconnaissance tape recorder standards stanag 7085 interoperable data links for imaging systems stanag 4586 uav control system ucs architecture nato isri intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance integration working group terms and. It combines powerful visualization and mapping with strong analytic and modeling tools. As far back as the american civil war, imint provided the government a decisive edge over all enemies of the united states.

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