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Howto note preparing evaluation reports create evaluation reports that are clear, credible, and useful. This evaluation report template is intended to serve as a guide for preparing meaningful, useful and credible evaluation reports that meet quality standards. Teachers monitoring and evaluation report slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. An overarching monitoring and evaluation framework is being developed for the. The description of a phenomenon or process is the first step toward. Main characteristics of monitoring, evaluation, and. Monitoring evaluation timing monitoring is a continuing evaluation assesses the function that takes place entire project cycle. In order to improve effectiveness of the information processing, the. Qualitative measures should ideally be translated into some numeric form. For each project covered by this monitoring report, you should provide the information requested below. The indicator is a reliable measure and is objectively verifiable. Monitoring and evaluation is not an addon at the end start early and build monitoring and evaluation into the project from the beginning 3. A step by step guide to monitoring and evaluation university of.

How to design a monitoring and evaluation framework for a. Building a resultsbased monitoring and evaluation system. Monitoring and evaluation take place at two distinct but closely connected levels. Evaluation is an assessment, as systematic and objective as possible, of an ongoing or completed project, programme or policy, its design, implementation and results. Guidelines for programme design, monitoring and evaluation. The handbook recognizes that planning, monitoring and evaluation require a focus.

One that admonishes, cautions, or reminds, especially with respect to matters of conduct. The donors, the headquarters of the implementing agencies, the leaders in the target group, and the agencies monitoring the project and administering the donors funds, all need to know how well and how much. Cla part of its organizational and development practice dna. Negotiate between stakeholders to decide what to monitor and evaluate 4. But evaluation is not just for accountability reasons, but also learning to feed into future decisions. Introduction to monitoring and evaluation using the. Usaiduganda has embedded collaborating, learning and. Monitoring and evaluation policy framework formatted. The most important source of information about any project can be the routine monthly progress reports, if they are done the right way.

Formativesummative to assess whether a project has achieved its intended goalsimpact. Such verification may include thirdparty inspection of documentation of emissions reductions, or site visits to the project. How to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan the. Monitoring, evaluation and learning practices uclg. Investment commentary this section displays any investment level commentary or notes. Monitoring and evaluation implementation framework for continuing professional. Depending on its specific purpose, a highquality evaluation provides information that enables you to improve an ongoing project, judge the overall merits of a project, or generate knowledge about what works and what doesnt to influence an organizations strategy and policy. When monitoring and evaluation reports achievement of the project purpose but.

In a readerfriendly style, the manual provides answers to what monitoring and evaluation are about, and what it takes to perform. Monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed areas. Chapter 203 and provides current good practice in preparing evaluation reports, the main deliverable for most evaluations. A synthesis report with concrete recommendations on how to expand the publicprivate agroinsurance model for vietnam. Exploring the history and challenges of monitoring and. It is through the continuous monitoring of project performance that you have an opportunity to learn about what is working well and what challenges are arising. Escap monitoring and evaluation policy and guidelines 2017 rev.

Increasingly, evaluation processes are used that foster wider participation, allow dialogue, build consensus, and create buyin on recommendations. To navigate through the ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys. This report is written on the basis of the analysis. This guidance note is to be read in conjunction with the new template for the monitoring report, which has been adopted in the joint monitoring committee meeting on 15. This guide is intended for people managing projectsprogrammes in national red. As a pdf format, you can print this out, or type into it.

Good or effective monitoring does not rely on evaluation results. Monitoring and evaluation manual dansk handicap forbund. This publication, the handbook on monitoring and evaluating for results, a d d r e s s e s the monitoring and evaluation of development results. Nevertheless, this one has been conceived as a tool to make the project even better. To some people, a monitoring and evaluation manual may sound like yet another administrative burden imposed upon development work. Good or effective evaluation relies to some extent on good monitoring. An optional second section displays an evaluation of the last 12 periods against the selected criteria. What is the general context in which the story takes place.

It can identify what works, what does not, and the reasons why. Covers of three monitoring and evaluation tools used for international influenza programs. Following these practices will help to establish clear expectations for evaluation reports during the preparation of evaluation statements of. It is a living document that should be referred to and updated on a regular basis. Evaluation assessing data and information to establish a judgement on the success of a project. The data gathered for monitoring and evaluation have three purposes. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Highquality monitoring of information encourages timely decisionmaking, ensures project accountability, and provides a robust foundation for evaluation and learning. Monitoring and evaluation also both serve accountability purposes. It does not prescribe a definitive sectionbysection format that all evaluation reports should follow.

The decision was to evaluate the project at four levels. Lessons learned from agriculture and food security programme evaluations in asia pdf, 3. Monitoring, reporting and evaluation page 1 contents page 7. As stated in section 2 of the area plan, the monitoring and evaluation program is designed to serve as an important link between plan implementation and ontheground accomplishments. Preface to the monitoring and evaluation report the impact of the education and training system on the lives of the general population is an important barometer of the contribution to development, and human resource development in particular, that the south african education and training system has achieved. One level focuses on the outputs, which are the specific products and services that emerge from processing inputs through programme, project and other activities such as through ad hoc soft. This section reports the due diligence analysis for each investment compared to the selected monitoring criteria. Reports with recommendations and lessons act as a deliverable here. This chapter provides an overview of key concepts, and details. They are critical tools for forwardlooking strategic positioning, organisational learning and for sound management. The aim is to determine the relevance and fulfilment of objectives, developmental. Handbook on planning monitoring and evaluating for development. It is intended to support country offices in aligning their monitoring and evaluation systems with rbm methodologyspecifically in tracking and measuring the performance of undp. Monitoring and evaluation monitoring and evaluation by janet shapiro email.

The report emphasizes the findings and conclusions that have been compiled from various monitoring activities and data sources available on the unit. In addition to producing these practice products, the consortium has established a help desk function to provide direct and customized support to country offices as they endeavour to improve measurement of. Monitoring and evaluation food and agriculture organization of. Evaluation contributes to learning through both the process and the final product or evaluation report. Pdf notes in monitoring and evaluation and energy conduct their own monitoring and evaluation me. Rather, it suggests the content that should be included in a quality evaluation report.

Indicators should be objective, verifiable and clearly understood by all stakeholders 5. Met operating principles principles by which met members are operating, including communication and delivering products driven by feasibility, scientific validity, and relevancy to planning and land management. Monitoring, evaluation and learning report of m echara agricultural resea rch center, 2010e. Projects included cataloguing evaluation reports from the past two years and evaluation plans for the upcoming year. Monitoring definition of monitoring by the free dictionary.

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